Plan Ahead

The costs associated with funerals are vulnerable to necessary increases from year to year.  The best way to avoid getting caught by higher costs is to plan out your funeral arrangements, and to pre-pay those expenses well before they are needed.  That way you can lock-in the price for most of the items and services associated with your funeral now, in today’s dollars, and avoid paying higher inflated costs in the future.

Another benefit to pre-planning your funeral is that you can carefully choose exactly what those arrangements will be.  Doing this brings a great deal of peace of mind not only to yourself but also to your loved ones, who need not be burdened trying to second-guess your wishes, or hurried through the process at a time when they are grieving.

When you pre-pay your funeral expenses, the funds are typically placed into a trust or a specialized insurance policy designed just for that purpose.  When the time comes, the funeral director will pay all of the vendors associated with your funeral arrangements; freeing your family from the added burden.

The first step to planning ahead is to contact a licensed funeral home director.  That person is trained and knowledgeable about all of the facets that go into funeral arrangement, and they can help navigate you through the many choices that are available today.

A primary decision will be the cemetery where you would like to be buried, and in that regard we hope you will choose Chesed Shel Emes.  The funeral director can assist you in contacting our staff.  Or, you can certainly contact us directly to procure your lot deed.  It is our honor to assist you with the process of selecting from the available lots for sale.


We’ve provided a list of reputable funeral homes in the area who specialize in Jewish funeral ritual, along with other useful links.  For more information please see our Resources page, or click here